Mechanical / Fabrication
  • Responsible for the creation of parts
  • Design what parts will look like using Onshape CAD
  • Utilize the CNC plasma cutter to create custom made parts
  • Works with a variety of hand, power, and CNC tools
  • Responsible for programming the robot
  • This sub unit allows for complex robot function using Java’s programming language
  • Involves critical thinking skills to approach big problems
  • Uses teamwork to accomplish many programming problems and to troubleshoot 
  • Responsible for spreading the word of Team 1675 and FIRST Robotics
  • Hold demonstrations at schools in Milwaukee
  • Maintain and grow team relationships with sponsors
  • Responsible for team spirit, including t-shirts, buttons, and competition spiritwear

Traditionally, subteams on 1675 have been distinct, with little overlap. Beginning in the 2022 season though, we are cross training students to have a wider scope of experience. This change allows students to engage in more than one subteam, and better decide what they want to take part in doing on the team. This change is the result of a smaller team size, where it’s all hands on deck. We need our students’ training to have overlap, and we think this has worked out favorably.