GoBabyGo is a national organization dedicated to helping children with disabilities that limit their mobility. A group or team that joins GoBabyGo commits to making some sort of motorized wheelchair and donating it to a child in the community. There are multiple approaches you can take for a GoBabyGo project, but we decided to modify a toy truck and to use an Arduino board for the code. We are actually one of the few groups we have been able to fine that used a joystick to control the car, rather than buttons or some other configuration.

We were on track to finish the car in the 2019-20 season, but unfortunately once the season was cut short we weren’t able to complete it. However, we were able to make some progress on the coding side of the project virtually this season. We’ll need to meet a few times in person in order to finalize it, but it should be close to done after that. We hope to make this a yearly project once we are able to meet in person again.